Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The CHEMIST Podcast: Organization for Cultural Diversity in Chemistry at UCLA

Diversity in Chemistry

Steve Lopez
OCDC Co-President
Crystal Valdez
OCDC Co-President

Co-hosts: Corrie Kuniyoshi and Loren White
Presented by ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Office (please use Firefox or Google Crome as your browser to listen to the podcast)
In an effort to better get to know the various Chemistry Graduate Student Organizations (CGSO) that exist in universities around the country, we recently asked officers of such groups to send us information on their activities and histories. Our hope is that the information shared on these podcasts will succeed in inspiring some of the listeners to join their local group, get ideas on how to improve their existing CGSO, or receive information that can help serve as a guide for those wishing begin their own CGSO. Our first such conversation, and the subject of this podcast, is UCLA's CGSO, named the Organization for Cultural Diversity in Chemisty (OCDC).

OCDC - note: not all members are present in photo
See the special feature for the UCLA Organization for Cultural Diversity in Chemistry group in the Chemist.


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