Thursday, July 25, 2013

Enter the Everyday Chemistry Video Contest

By Stephanie Prosack, Education Assistant


Have you ever tried to explain to someone why avocado turns brown when left out too long? What about informing your sibling of the scientific reason behind baking soda and baked goods rising in the oven to produce a fluffy, tasty snack? Or letting your lab mate know how vinegar is a sanitary goddess for all things dirty and stained?

Thanks to C&EN, you can share your knowledge with more than those who are in close physical proximity to you, but with the entire Internet!

It is quite simple, really. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of C&EN, submit an amusing and informative two-minute video that features a tip or information about chemistry in everyday occurrences. In layman’s terms, the video must include a clear explanation of chemistry and why it is important. Remember, you want everyone to understand your information. It would be best to make sure your grandfather or cousin in fifth grade will not only comprehend, but be engaged with your material.

Recognition will be given to the winner with some enticing prizes including:

                -Paid trip to the 246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, IN
                -Ticket to C&EN’s 90th Anniversary event
                -Profile on the ACS Chemistry Ambassadors webpage
                -Showcase in C&EN
                -Feature on ACS Bytesize Science YouTube channel

Once you have finalized your masterpiece video, upload it to Youtube, and send your submission to by July 31, 2013. Don’t forget to practice safety in your video by wearing your goggles and using other safety gear! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seven Places to Look for Your Next Fellowship

By Stephanie Prosack, Education Assistant

Fellowships are a great doorway towards enhancing your resume. Gaining hands-on experience broadens horizons and gives a professional edge. However, some of these opportunities can be difficult to find.

Here is a list of seven top places to search for your next fellowship:


Check out the Fed for your next fellowship or research opportunity. Depending on your chemistry sub-discipline, there is an array of options from which to choose. Programs that offer exchanges with international labs or experience at agency headquarters offer an inside-look of government culture. Some selections that may interest you include:

1.National Science Foundation –
                        -Postdoctoral Fellowships in Polar Regions
                        -Graduate Research Fellowship Program

2.Food and Drug Administration –
3.Department of Energy –

Non-Profit Organizations

A large chunk of science opportunities are sponsored by non-profit organizations. Finances may come from member dues, government lobbying, or generous donors. Opportunities enable participants to network and tackle unique situations in a variety of fields including research-intensive institutions, government-subsidized labs and more.

              4. American Association of University Women –
                              -American Dissertation Fellowships
                              -American Postdoctoral Scholarships
                              -American Publication Grant
              5. American Association for the Advancement of Science –
                              -Science & Technology Policy Fellowships
              6. The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. –
                              -Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry

  7. National Academies –
                              -Research Associateship Programs
                              -Ford Foundation Fellowship Program
                              -Jefferson Science Fellowship

Of course, these are a mere selection of what is available. Astute observations and persistence are key to discovering your next feat. To receive daily opportunity notifications read the Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist; follow one of our Facebook pages, ACS Graduate Students or ACS Postdoctoral Scholars; and follow our Twitter feed, @ACSGradsPostdoc.