Friday, January 3, 2014

Top Chemistry Stories 2013 C&EN Google+ Hangout

By Stephanie Prosack

The past year was an exciting one for chemistry. Join Chemical & Engineering News reporters Carmen Drahl and Lauren Wolf, along with guests Laura Howes and Ashutosh Jogaleskar, to discuss watershed chemistry stories and achievements of 2013--and what to expect in 2014. On Thursday, January 9, 2014, at 3 PM EST, the chemistry enthusiasts will be hosting a Google+ hangout to discuss the top chemistry moments of 2013. Subjects for discussion include research C&EN selected to highlight in its year-end issue, in addition to topics publications such as Wired and Science magazines chose as top science of 2013. The event will be monitored on Twitter, and folks may interact and pose questions using the hashtag: #topchem.

To view live-feed of the hangout, select here once the session starts:

Currently serving as editor of Science in School, Laura Howes was previously a science correspondent for Chemistry World magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @L_Howes. Ashutosh Jogalekar is a computational chemist employed by Ensemble Therapeutics, and blogs for Scientific American at The Curious Wavefunction. Follow him on Twitter: @curiouswavefn

Senior editor at C&EN, Carmen Drahl may be followed on Twitter @carmendrahl. Lauren Wolf is an associate editor at C&EN, and may be followed on Twitter @laurenkwolf.


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