Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seven Places to Look for Your Next Fellowship

By Stephanie Prosack, Education Assistant

Fellowships are a great doorway towards enhancing your resume. Gaining hands-on experience broadens horizons and gives a professional edge. However, some of these opportunities can be difficult to find.

Here is a list of seven top places to search for your next fellowship:


Check out the Fed for your next fellowship or research opportunity. Depending on your chemistry sub-discipline, there is an array of options from which to choose. Programs that offer exchanges with international labs or experience at agency headquarters offer an inside-look of government culture. Some selections that may interest you include:

1.National Science Foundation –
                        -Postdoctoral Fellowships in Polar Regions
                        -Graduate Research Fellowship Program

2.Food and Drug Administration –
3.Department of Energy –

Non-Profit Organizations

A large chunk of science opportunities are sponsored by non-profit organizations. Finances may come from member dues, government lobbying, or generous donors. Opportunities enable participants to network and tackle unique situations in a variety of fields including research-intensive institutions, government-subsidized labs and more.

              4. American Association of University Women –
                              -American Dissertation Fellowships
                              -American Postdoctoral Scholarships
                              -American Publication Grant
              5. American Association for the Advancement of Science –
                              -Science & Technology Policy Fellowships
              6. The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. –
                              -Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry

  7. National Academies –
                              -Research Associateship Programs
                              -Ford Foundation Fellowship Program
                              -Jefferson Science Fellowship

Of course, these are a mere selection of what is available. Astute observations and persistence are key to discovering your next feat. To receive daily opportunity notifications read the Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist; follow one of our Facebook pages, ACS Graduate Students or ACS Postdoctoral Scholars; and follow our Twitter feed, @ACSGradsPostdoc.

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