Monday, July 30, 2012

More resources for Academic Job Candidates

For those of you that are preparing to apply for academic jobs, see Professor Melanie Cooper's article "Six Tips for Writing Your Teaching Statement", published in the July issue of the ACS Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Bulletin. Here are some other resources that academic candidates may find useful...

  1. "Writing the Research Plan for Your Academic Job Application" by Professor Jason Gillmore, Hope College
  2.  "Academic Jobs: Finding the Institution that Fits you Best - Perspective from a PUI faculty" by Professor Graham Peaslee, Hope College
  3. "Academic Jobs: Finding the Institution that Fit you Best - Perspective from a faculty from a research intensive university" by Professor Cynthia Larive, University of California Riverside
  4. And Gladly Teach: A Resource Book for Chemists Considering Academic Career
  5. Science Careers: The Academic Scientist' Toolkit - Getting Hired 
ACS Workshops:
  1. Postdoc to Faculty Workshop
  2.  ACS Career Pathways - Working in Higher Education (please scroll down on the webpage to see the description)
Poster Session:
  1. Academic Employment Initiative (abstract submission is closed for fall 2012, but will open for fall 2013 early next spring)

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