Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Highlights from the Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry Sessions

Asma Eskhan- Grad Student, Washington State University

Well, I didn’t go on a vacation this summer, and fortunately this meeting came to give me a nice opportunity to visit Boston and have a great time there. I attended the Colloid and Surface Chemistry session, section E: Nanoscale characterization of microbes and cells. On August 25, I gave an oral presentation there: Nanoscale adhesion of silicon nitride to epidemic and environmental strains of L. monocytogenes. In this session, I got to meet many people working in my research area and take a look at their studies. I also became acquainted with my adviser’s adviser and her students. In addition, I spoke with some faculty who might help me in the future when I’m searching for a postdoctoral position; who knows? The talks in the session were impressive and the students were from different schools; chemical engineering, bioengineering, medicine, chemistry, biomolecular engineering, etc.

This meeting gave me a lot of motivation to continue my studies; it also increased my self-confidence. In brief, it uplifted me. The ACS national exposition was also a nice one. I took a look at the different companies and had a lot of fun there.

I recommend that every grad student attend such meetings because they are really helpful and enjoyable.

Asma Eskhan is a second-year grad student at Washington State University.

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